Tracking your four-legged friend and monitoring their activities at all times? It’s possible and very simple with the help of the dog tracker, an extremely useful device that allows the correct tracking of the position and monitoring of activities.

Dog tracker, how it works

How exactly does a dog tracker work? It’s a small object that is attached to the dog’s collar. Inside there is a series of circuits and a GPS tracker that allow the owner to monitor the position of their four-legged friend with remarkable accuracy. Tracking is done via your smartphone, using the tracker app to check the dog’s movements and position.

Dog tracker

The GPS tracker is highly resistant to water and weather, and is lightweight and easy to handle. microchip is definitely the best way not to risk losing your four-legged friend. When combined with the subcutaneous microchip, it’s perfect for keeping your four-legged friend under control.

Dog tracker, the best on the market

What is the best dog tracker? There are several models on the market, let’s see the features. Tractive GPS DOG LTE is a dog tracker that requires a subscription and is able to monitor your dog’s every step while also allowing activity tracking. It’s shockproof and waterproof. TKMARS GPS Tracker is a subscription-free dog tracker app that monitors your dog’s activities and location, is waterproof and durable. XUXN GPS Pet Tracker is a GPS Dog Tracking Collar that locates your pet anywhere with the ability to also create a fully controlled fence area. Bebliss Dog Tracker Pet Tracker is a small, waterproof and accurate pet tracker that allows real-time positioning and the ability to activate electronic fencing.