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Meetings to Avoid

Unsafe encounters between unknown dogs on a leash when one or both dogs: Approaches walking in a straight line and heading to the other dog The dog barks, whines, turns…


How to help and calm a frightened dog during a thunderstorm

Dogs are always afraid of storms: it is a phenomenon with dangerous implications, since thunderstorms can cause a dog to run away suddenly, instinctively and in search of shelter. Our…


Friendly Encounters

Friendly encounters: how to recognise a friendly approach of two unknown dogs on a leash and some important things to know. 5 steps of a friendly meeting between unknown dogs…

Cani e gatti e coronavirus
Cat Dog

Coronavirus and pets: frequently asked questions and answers

After a news article about a dog found positive for Coronavirus in Hong Kong, the WHO has expressed its opinion on the link between viruses and animals, trying to reassure…

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Dogs and water… A combination that is not always natural

Contrary to what one might think, not all dogs love water. For example, dogs who live in cities, are sometimes wary of water because they have little experience with it….

dog with puppies

How does the oestrus cycle of female dogs work?

Female domestic dogs, unlike most other canids, breed regardless of the time of the year. The cycle of the female dog usually occurs twice a year. The only exception are…

Labrador Retriever in water

Is your dog a swimming dog?

There are seven dog breeds recognised by the National Italian Canine Organisation (ENCI) as water dogs. Specifically, they belong to Section 3 of group 8 and they are: Portuguese water…


Microchip for dogs: what is it and what is it for?

A microchip is a small electronic device, measuring only a few millimetres, that the veterinarian applies to the dog in the neck region, either on the left- or right-hand side,…

portuguese water dog

The Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese water dog, or in Portuguese cão de água português, belongs to the group 8, section 3, of dog breeds recognised by the National Italian Canine Organisation (ENCI), i.e….


Good tips for learning how to run with your dog

Two legs… and four paws: you love your pet, maybe having little time to take him out for a run, but you can opt for a little healthy jogging with…

Il gioco è alla base dell’addestramento del cane

Playing: the base of dog’s training

Playing is the base of dog’s training because all dogs need exercise for their own wellbeing. To get the dog’s attention, the dog has to think that spending time with…

Cani paurosi? Consigli per l’uso!

Timorous dogs? Directions for use!

Often we meet timorous and timid dogs towards other dogs but also to humans, what you should do? We give you some little advices to help you if it is…

Rolly Polly Dogs: overweight in dogs

Rolly Polly Dogs: overweight in dogs

Overweight in dogs as in humans is a problem that is showing more and more often, and just like humans dog gets fat quickly if eats too much and is…

Tira e Molla: il gioco educativo

Tug of war: fun training

Play “Tug of war” with your dog is a good way to give a vent to his natural propensity to grasping and pull objects with their mouths. It’s also a useful…

Akita Inu: non è come sembra

Akita Inu: it’s not as it seems

The Akita Inu is elegant and beautiful, with a calm and quiet nature (seldom barks). All these positive characteristics let you think Akita Inu is an easy dog but this…

Why the dog barks?

Why my dog barks?

Barking is a dog instinctive behavior, part of its way to communicate his emotions to other dogs or to the members of its pack. When dog barks from time to…

Come insegnare il comando seduto

How to train a dog to “sit”

If you have a puppy it will be much easier than you think; in fact, the puppies get tired quickly and sit many times a day. Simply reward the puppy…


Siamese: elegance and unique nature

Siamese cat It has an elegant tubular shape with long and slender lines. It also has a short coat in 4 colors: – Seal: the extremities are black. The body…


Sometimes you reward your dog for bad behavior, did you know that?

To paraphrase Thorndike’s law of effect, rewarding a behavior leads to the increase in its frequency, while failing to reward a specific behavior leads to a decrease in its frequency….


Bring home a dog: what does it mean?

It’s important that the choice of bringing home a dog is aware of the responsibilities and the commitment that is required for the subsequent years. Too often it happens that…


Jack Russell Terrier: energetic bomb

Jack Russell is one of the most energetic breed you can meet. It’s a perfect working dog, prey oriented, with a strong tenacity and very determinated. Although it’s a small…


Puppy or adult dog?

Take a puppy certainly has advantages for example you can teach everything from start preventing bad habits from day one. But the puppies are challenging and require a lot of…